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  • ACE - Allegro Cryptography Engine

    ACE is a core cryptography engine that provides developers with the resources to employ a “defense in depth” strategy with multiple layers of security services. ACE is a platform-independent, high performance, resource-sensitive, cryptography engine validated by NIST and specifically engineered for the rigors of embedded computing. With ACE, OEM manufacturers can add standards-based cryptography
    to resource sensitive embedded systems quickly, easily, and reliably while decreasing time to market.
    When deployed in your application, ACE is a cryptographic library module that provides software implementations of FIPS-approved algorithms for the calculation of:
    • Message digests
    • Digital signature creation and verification
    • Bulk encryption and decryption
    • Key generation
    • Key exchange

  • ARM C/C++ Compiler 6

    ARM Compiler 6 is the latest and most efficient version of ARM’s industry-reference C/C++ compilation tools. Supporting optimized code generation for all ARM Cortex processors and architectures from ARMv6-M to ARMv8-A 64-bit, it enables the development of highly efficient products that fully utilize the best features of ARM-based processors. The toolchain is also certified for use in safety-related applications such as medical (IEC 62304), industrial (IEC 61508), automotive (ISO 26262).

  • Bluetooth, WiFI and Displays up to 19“

    Available as complete HMI in the variants:
    rear mount, rear mount PCT, panel mount, panel mount PCT, flush mount

    i.MX6 Single, DualLite, Dual and Quad Core CPU
    Optional mPCIe WiFi modules
    Usable for 1ch/2ch-LVDS Displays for 7.0” and larger

  • eSOMiMX6-micro - iMX6 Micro System on Module

    eSOMiMX6-micro is a high performance micro system on module based on NXP/Freescale i.MX6 Quad/Dual Core ARM® Cortex®-A9 in an ultra small form factor of 54mm x 20mm with 10mA in suspend current. This powerful micro SOM can be used in compact medical devices, drones, wearable technology gadgets. eSOMiMX6-micro has iMX6 CPU running up to 800MHZ - Quad Core and Dual Core ARM Cortex-A9, LPDDR2 configurable up to 1GB and has 4GB eMMC FLASH (expandable upto 64GB). eSOMiMX6-micro System on Module also has Wireless LAN and Bluetooth module. This iMX6 Micro SOM supports Linux and Android Marshmallow*.The i.MX6 Micro System on Module (eSOMiMX6-micro) is aimed at reducing the time-to-market for our customers by making use of the stabilized and ready-to-market micro iMX6 modules in their product.

  • Flasher Secure

    Flasher Secure is a bulletproof solution for secure flash programming. As an IP owner, you have full end-to-end control of your production chain. It is common to employ a contract manufacturer (CM) to mass-produce products. CMs have access to customer IP and large quantities of the components they are contracted to produce. Because of this, it is essential that customers control both their IP and limit CM production to prevent theft and secure revenue.

    • Authenticated production
    • Production volume control
    • CM administration and setup portal
    • Ultra-fast programming
    • Supports Cortex-M/R/A, RX, PPC
    • Prevents production of counterfeit units
    • No overhead in programming time

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  • Giga-snaP™ BGA SMT Adapters

    Giga-snaP™ line of BGA adapters provide the most reliable interconnect to BGA SMT pads. These patent pending adapters remain attached through many solder cycles reliably and will not warp as plastic molded parts. Insertion force is half of competitive products and better transmission of high frequency signals due to shortest connection length.
    Giga-snaP™ 0.8, 1.0, and 1.27mm pitch BGA Surface Mount Feet Adapter line of products provide an inexpensive and reliable method for attaching BGA chips to target board. The product line consists of patent pending female sockets with machined pins epoxy over-molded into an assembly that matches a particular BGA pattern. The epoxy over-molded female BGA socket is soldered to a PCB using standard soldering methods.

  • Grypper sockets

    HSIO’s Grypper socket products are unique in that it requires no lid and is the same footprint as the device under test. HSIO Circuit Technologies Flex and Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing featuring < 35 micron lines and spaces and 10 micron feature sizes. The processes enable improved signal integrity, reduced cross-talk, and improved impedance matching by selectively fabricating structures which precisely tune the interconnect device's impedances to those of its operating environment .

  • IAR Embedded Workbench

    IAR Embedded Workbench incorporates a compiler, an assembler, a linker and a debugger into one IDE. It is easy to use, provides advanced and highly efficient optimization features, and is highly integrated with hardware, RTOS products, and middleware. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM is available in several versions, including a product package that is designed specifically for ARM Cortex-M core families.

  • MAGIK-2 Modules and Embedded Services

    Tessolve offers end-to-end product design services in the embedded domain from concept-to-manufacturing under an ODM model with experience in multimedia products in Avionics, Automotive, Industrial & Medical. Tessolve’s solution includes system design, hardware & mechanical development, BSP & firmware development, Middleware integration, 3rd party application integration, application development, testing & validation, production management and product cycle support. Tessolve delivers value by customizing the platform, including HMI and mechanical enclosure and through an EN9100 certified process. Tessolve has its own Product Family MAGIK-2 modules based on the SMARC/Q7 standard, containing a complete software suite with unique differentiators, including Device Drivers, BSP, support for various OS and selectable application specific HMI libraries allowing effective productization.

  • New Toradex SoMs

    Toradex is introducing Colibri iMX6ULL, the newest member of Toradex’s popular Colibri System on Module (SoM) product line featuring the latest NXP i.MX 6 applications processor based on a power efficient & cost optimized ARM Cortex-A7 core. The new Colibri iMX6ULL is also Toradex’s first SoM with onboard Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

    Another key product, the Colibri iMX7 is based on the popular new NXP i.MX 7 processor series which offers an excellent performance/power ratio, & heterogeneous multicore architecture based on ARM Cortex-A7 & Cortex-M4 cores. This makes the platform a perfect fit for products targeting the rapidly growing industrial IoT market.

    Additionally, the powerful Apalis TK1 based on NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor offers ultra-high performance with full CUDA support which makes it ideal for advanced Computer Vision & Machine Learning applications.

  • OSD335x System-In-Package

    The OSD335x Family of System-In-Package (SiP) devices, from Octavo Systems, makes it easier than ever to build powerful embedded Linux systems. The OSD335x combines the versatile Texas Instruments Sitara™ ARM® Cortex® A8 AM335x processor running up to 1GHz, DDR3 memory, power management, and passives into a single IC package about the size of a quarter. The OSD335x’s integration removes the tedious aspects of designing with microprocessors by removing the need to worry about DDR interfacing or power sequencing. This givies you more time to focus on the things that will differentiate your product. Besides simplifying your design the OSD335x is also about 35% smaller than the equivalent discrete solution and it streamlines the manufacturing process. With this level of integration, the OSD335x delivers the power of Linux with the ease of a microcontroller.

  • Package Converters & Fix Adapters

    We offer many adapters for converting IC packaging and device pin outs, solving many IC availability and performance issues. We also offer fix adapters to solve layout problems and some known chip deficiencies. Custom, quick turn solutions are our specialty.
    Package converters provide an electrical and mechanical conversion from one package type to another. We use gold plated interconnects for our pin and through hole converters.
    Ironwood Electronics offers solder column adapters as a solution for leaded SMT packages such as QFP, PLCC, SOIC, SSOP, and TSOP. This is an excellent choice when you have a PC board in production that needs an upgrade or you need to replace an obsolete part. The solder column adapter provides a fast, highly reliable connection at a fraction of the cost of competing designs. This makes it an excellent choice for either prototype or production quantities.

  • Promira Serial Platform

    The Promira™ Serial Platform from Total Phase offers many benefits over previous generation host adapters: USB Type-C, Standard-A and Micro-B cable testing; blazing fast I2C and SPI programming; integrated level shifting; Hi-Speed USB and Ethernet connectivity; a total of 200 mA of power to your project; and an all new architecture enabling applications download.

  • SDS2000X Series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

    SIGLENT’s SDS2000X Series Super Phosphor Oscilloscopes are available in bandwidths of 70 MHz, 100 MHz, 200 MHz and 300 MHz, maximum sample rate of 2 GSa/s, and come with a maximum record length of 140 Mpts. The most commonly used functions can be accessed with its user-friendly one-button design.
    The SDS2000X series employs a new generation of SPO technology. It has an innovative digital trigger system with high sensitivity and low jitter, and a maximum waveform capture rate of 140,000 wfm/s (normal mode), up to 500,000 wfm/s (sequence mode). It also employs the a 256-level intensity grading display function and a color temperature display mode.Available options include a built-in 25 MHz arbitrary waveform generator, 16 digital channels (M

  • See3CAM_30 - 3.4 MP Autofocus USB 3.0 Camera

    See3CAM_30 is a 3.4MP UVC Compliant, low light, autofocus USB 3.0 camera board with liquid lens. It is a two-board solution with AR0330 CMOS image sensor from ON Semiconductor and USB 3.1 type C 3.1 GEN1 interface board. See3CAM_30 is a colour camera with S-mount lens holder and does not require any special camera drivers to be installed in the host PC. See3CAM_30 is customizable and it is a Ready-to-Manufacture camera board with all the necessary firmware built in and compatible with the USB Video Class (UVC) version 1.0 standard. See3CAM_30 colour liquid lens USB camera board consumes less power and doesn't heat up. There is no mechanical movement like in VCM motor for autofocus. Hence the life of the lens increases.

  • See3CAM_CU135 - 13MP USB 3.0 camera

    See3CAM_CU135 is an UVC-compliant AR1335 sensor based 13MP custom lens USB 3.0 camera with iHDR support. It supports 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) at 30fps over USB3 in compressed MJPEG format. This See3CAM_CU135 can also stream Full HD (1920x1080) at 60fps and HD (1280x720) at 60fps in both uncompressed and compressed MJPEG formats. The 13MP camera has a dedicated, high-performance Image Signal Processor chip (ISP) that performs all the Auto functions (Auto White Balance, Auto Exposure control) in addition to complete image signal processing pipeline that provides best-in-class images and video and the MJPEG compression. See3CAM_CU135 contains 7 pin GPIO header for standard and custom operations. See3CAM_CU135 comes in a small form factor making it Lightweight, versatile and portable.

  • Silver Button Sockets

    BGA sockets and QFN sockets using GT contact technology provide >75GHz signal speed in a smallest footprint for prototype and test applications. These sockets support pitches from 0.3mm to 1.27mm. Standard sizes typically ship within 5 days ARO.
    Ironwood's GT sockets are ideal for prototyping and testing almost any BGA or QFN device application. These IC sockets provide excellent signal integrity yet remain cost effective. Innovative elastomer interconnect technology that delivers low signal loss (1dB at 75GHz) and supports BGA or QFN packages with pitches down to 0.3mm was utilized in these sockets. GT BGA sockets are mechanically mounted over a target system's BGA lands using mounting and alignment holes at proper locations (page 2 of the individual socket drawing shows recommended PCB layout information).

  • Stamped Spring Pin Sockets

    SBT sockets simplify lab and evaluation applications due to low cost and better electrical/mechanical performance than conventional pogo pin sockets. To use, drop the IC into the socket, place the floating compression plate over the IC, add the swivel lid (with key-hole slots), and apply a normal force to the IC using the compression screw. Alternately, these sockets come with easy open/close clamshell lids for quick chip replacement. SBT sockets can be used for hand test or quick turn custom burn-in applications with the most stringent requirements.
    Ironwood Electronics SBT sockets are small footprint sockets that are compatible with other product lines such as GHz elastomer sockets, Giga-Spring sockets, etc. The socket needs about 2.5mm extra space around the chip than the actual chip size utilizing only very small PCB real estate.

  • Symmetry Electronics

    Wireless solutions from Silicon Labs, Telit, Ethertronics, and SilverTel. The latest SoCs and modules for LTE, Bluetooth low energy, Multi-radio, RF antenna solutions, wireless charging, and Power over Ethernet (PoE)

  • TrustInSoft Analyzer

    TrustInSoft is a Security and Safety Solutions provider.  Our core product, TrustInSoft Analyzer is an advanced static source code analyzer that performs comprehensive mathematical analysis of software, including embedded software, to exhaustively find source code flaws. Our technology detects all vulnerabilities and is the only software that can mathematically guarantee source code quality.  TIS - Analyzer is utilized by embedded software designers, developers, and software validation teams to guarantee the absence of complete families of software flaws. It is deployed in heavily regulated industry verticals such as Space, Defense, Aeronautics, Railways, Energy/Nuclear Reactors, Automotive and other domains such as Telecom, Industrial IoT, and Smart Factories to validate safety-critical systems and ensure absence of security flaws.

  • TS-7680

    The TS-7680 is an embedded computer powered by a 454 MHz ARM CPU that offers a great balance between industrial features, and high end capabilities, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. The TS-7680 offers low power and low cost at industrial grade, including industrial temperature operation and rugged enclosure with DIN mount. Additional features include 2x 10/100 Ethernet ports, 1x micro SD socket, 4 GB eMMC Flash, 2x USB Host, 2x CAN ports, 2x RS-485, high precision, battery-backed RTC, 30V tolerant DIO, analog IO, and more.

  • TS-7680

    The TS-7680 is an embedded computer powered by a 454 MHz ARM CPU that offers a great balance between industrial features, and high end capabilities, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. The TS-7680 offers low power and low cost at industrial grade, including industrial temperature operation and rugged enclosure with DIN mount. Additional features include 2x 10/100 Ethernet ports, 1x micro SD socket, 4 GB eMMC Flash, 2x USB Host, 2x CAN ports, 2x RS-485, high precision, battery-backed RTC, 30V tolerant DIO, analog IO, and more.

  • XJTAG DFT Assistant for Mentor Graphics PADS

    The new XJTAG® plugin for Mentor Graphics® PADS® allows design engineers to identify and correct potential JTAG testability problems during schematic capture. This allows engineers to fix testing errors early in the design cycle before any hardware is produced and thus avoid costly board re-spins and project delays. Providing JTAG test access to chips is vital because of the increasing use of IC packages, such as BGAs, that are inaccessible for testing using physical probes.
    XJTAG DFT Assistant helps you validate the correct implementation of boundary scan chains, and provides compliance to ‘Design For Test’ best practices. JTAG compliance can also unlock additional benefits for your board, which include faster prototype debug and device programming, as well as faster and more cost-effective manufacturing testing.
    Download the free XJTAG DFT Assistant from

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