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AspenCore is one of the world’s larget media groups serving the global
electronics industry, reaching technologists, designers, and
engineering management, with innovative marketing solutions.

Froglogic Gmbh

froglogic is a Software Company based Germany with offices in the USA and Poland with over 3,000 Customers world-wide. Our flag-ship Product is Squish GUI Tester; the market-leading Automated Testing Tool for GUI Applications based on Qt, Java, native Mac and Windows, iOS, Android and Web Applications across most Web Browsers and OSs. froglogic also offers Squish Coco; the professional, cross-platform Code Analysis Tool for C, C++, C# and Tcl.

Pico Technology

Pico Technology, established in 1991, is an innovative leader in the field of PC oscilloscopes and data loggers. The company is recognized for providing feature-rich, cost-effective alternatives to traditional test equipment and data acquisition products. In doing so, it makes high-quality instrumentation more available, portable, and affordable.


XJTAG Ltd. is a world leading supplier of JTAG boundary-scan software and hardware tools. The company focuses on innovative product development and high-quality technical support. XJTAG products use IEEE Std.1149.x (JTAG boundary-scan) to enable engineers to debug, test, and program electronic circuits easily and significantly shorten the electronic design, development, and manufacturing processes.

Iotopia Solutions

Iotopia Solutions understands that technology is evolving at a fast pace and keeping up-to-date can be a daunting task. The company's goal is to help its customers take a step back and evaluate what can be a solid technology versus what could be a fad. Iotopia's success is the direct reflection of its customers' success and working together. Its expertise lies in product development, covering software and hardware aspects of each project.

Reality Analytics

Reality AI is an artificial intelligence company focusing on sensors and signals. Its AI-based tools create signal classifiers and detectors: code that recognizes the signatures of specific events and conditions in vibration, sound, accelerometry, voltage waveforms, imagery, and any other sensor types. Customers include device and equipment makers, and industrial companies working on IoT solutions, condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance.

AutomaTech Inc.

AutomaTech Inc. provides industrial-grade automation and information solutions for manufacturing facilities and OEMs. It is the GE Digital rep for Predix—The Industrial Internet Platform to empower organizations to develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps in the cloud by securely connecting machines and data to people. It provides MOXA industrial networking, wireless, I/O, embedded computing, and automation solutions for edge connectivity.


TrustInSoft is a security and safety solutions provider. Its core product, TrustInSoft Analyzer, is an advanced static source code analyzer that performs comprehensive mathematical analysis of software, including embedded software, to exhaustively find source code flaws. The analyzer's technology is used by embedded software designers and validation teams to detect all vulnerabilities, and it can mathematically guarantee source code quality.

HSIO Technologies

HSIO Technologies and HSIO Circuit Technologies' mission is to develop new, exciting, and proprietary technology to address high-density and high-speed interconnect challenges faced by their customers and the semiconductor industry. HSIO is focused on improving the signal channel through the various circuits, connectors, and components its customers use to develop, validate, and deploy silicon to the market.

Octavo Systems

Octavo Systems brings System-In-Package (SiP) technology to the masses. Its products feature the powerful line of Texas Instruments Sitara™ ARM® Processors, DDR memory, and power management in a single IC package about the size of a quarter. SiP technology simplifies design, reduces the size, and streamlines the manufacturing of embedded Linux Systems. Octavo's devices deliver the power of Linux in a microcontroller package.

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